TRX Suspension equipment forTriathlete


As being a Certified Fitness Trainer I see core strength being an important piece for triathletes. A powerful core is crucial for the successful, injury free season. A solid core helps the triathlete:

To maneuver over the water efficiently, reducing drag and fatigue…not paddling your arms, but with your core for the power behind each swim pull

To raise the ability and efficiency of pedaling thus enabling increased endurance and reduced fatigue. Enables the athlete to stay in aero position comfortably and minimize unnecessary torso movement

To boost running posture which will reduce fatigue and invite a faster foot turnover.

The advantage of the suspension straps is they let the triathlete to teach their muscles to function together using body-weight and gravity in a stable/unstable environment (e.g. feet on floor/ practical suspension straps).

This improves core strength, balance, and stability. It’s functional training devoid of the stress and cargo on their own joints.

Training intensities could be adjusted by varying your body angle, starting strap location in accordance with neutral (hanging lower from anchor) and base support (e.g. feet together, located on one leg, on elbows versus hands, etc.).

Adjust the workout to suit your needs and skills.

TRX suspension straps may also help improve range of flexibility and to be able to undergo that flexibility. This really is key to strength training as strength could be limited as a result of poor flexibility and mobility.

For instance: Most triathletes are able to do a squat without assistance, but by utilizing the TRX suspension straps to unload a few of the weight all the various motion achieved is often greater. As a result improves both squat form and mobility inside the ankles, knees and hips.

My favorite thing about TRX is they are versatile. I can do the workouts anywhere (home, gym, work, park, hotel, etc.)! You don’t have to worry about getting to the gym on time. Short on time? Try to fit 15-minute workouts throughout your day. The straps are easy to set up and adjust.


The proof is in the pudding…


When my husband told me he was going to train for Ironman Wisconsin, I told him he should use suspension straps to help build his core strength. He was skeptical at first. A pulled back muscle limited his ability to strength train. Jen suggested he try suspension training. Over the course of the last 10 months he has seen definite improvements in his core strength. Suspended planks and side planks have gotten easier. His swimming has gotten faster, his body can stay in aero on the bike and his running posture has improved.

I have also used the suspension straps to train age group swimmers (ages 9-13). I was amazed at how these young athletes improved their strength over the course of the season. They went from whining; “It’s too hard to hold a suspended plank.” to “Can we hold the plank longer today? to “Can we do suspended push ups?” What I loved most was watching the way they applied the foundations of TRX training in the water. These young athletes changed how they swam from arms or legs beating the lake to core focused swimming. Times improved. In fact, several made WI State Swimming cut times for their age group. Overall they were stronger athletes.